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June 9, 2017

Port Authority Wash System Case Study

transportable equipment room for port authority

Problem: An international engineering design firm working with a Port Authority contacted us to help them design an equipment and truck wash. The Port had an old wash pad that was too small and old wash equipment that no longer worked very well. The Port needed a larger pad and updated washing and water treatment equipment to accommodate the washing of their existing fleet.

They had the option of either building the wash system with either a closed loop wash water treatment system or a sewer discharge treatment system since they had sewer access but it was quite a distance to the sewer connection.

Solution: Wash Bay Solutions helped the engineering firm develop the design for the wash pad, solids settling system, the wash system and two options for water treatment. For both options, we designed the wash and treatment systems to be installed in a portable transportable equipment room to make it simple and cost effective to install. Requests for Quotations were put out for both options and the electric hot water pressure washing system with the SPT-10 Clarifier oil water separator for sewer discharge turned out to be the most cost effective for this particular location with in the port.

We coordinated with the construction company while they were building the wash pad, settling system and sewer connection line. When they were ready, we shipped up the 20’ transportable equipment room (TER-20) and helped them install it in place and get it up and running within a couple days time!

equipment room and oil water separator

wash pad and settling system design

October 8, 2015

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SPT-50 Clarifier Oil Water Separator System
The SPT-50 was designed for use in heavy industrial washing operations as a pre-treatment system to remove free oils, grease and high TSS from the waste stream.

SPT-50 Clarifier Oil Water Separator System – The SPT-50 was designed for use in heavy industrial washing operations as a pre-treatment system to remove free oils, grease and high TSS from the waste stream. It is a two-part system designed to be simple to operate but very effective in its ability to remove oil and solids from the waste stream. The first clarifier section will trap and remove coarse amounts of oil from the waste stream and remove as much Total Suspended Solids (TSS) as possible. The plates will also capture larger bubbles of oil and liberate them from the waste stream before they get to the secondary oil water separator section. In that section, coalescing media will remove essentially all free and dispersed non-emulsified oils to an effluent concentration of less than 5 ppm. The entire system can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Standard Features:

  • 1-50 GPM Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Advanced coalescing media designed to remove oil droplets greater than 20 microns
  • Projected plate inclined plates to direct the flow to the surface
  • Sludge hopper to capture and contain settleable solids.
  • Adjustable rotatable pipe oil skimmers
  • Air diaphragm transfer pump and pneumatic level sensor
  • Internal oil storage tank
  • Utilities Required: Air 30 CFM @ 40 psi
  • Approximate dimensions: 9’ 8” L x 4’ 10” W x 5’ 10” H

Extra Features Available:

Clarifier Oil Water Separator System
Clarifier Oil Water Separator System For Sale or Lease
  • pH Control System
  • Dual stainless steel floating skimmers
  • 3-way skimmer selector valve and piping manifold
  • Control panel, 4 float switches and wiring harness
  • Automated 2 and 3-way valve systems
  • Ozone System to Control Odors, 120V

At Wash Bay Solutions, our emphasis is on quality. These systems are exceptionally well-engineered and designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial operations. Simple to operate and maintain, they will run for years in the harshest environments.

This equipment has been re-furbished following less than a year’s use at an industrial washing facility. It is priced to sell or available for lease. Call us at 800-453-8639 for pricing information.

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