We have been specializing in innovative, custom-engineered, “Green” solutions to complex washing and wastewater issues since 1991.

We really believe that our customers are our most important asset and best source of inspiration! We appreciate you working with us and bringing us challenging and interesting projects. Without you, it would be kind of boring around here.

By combining our customer’s insight and input with our engineering experience and knowledge, we develop integrated washing and wash water treatment systems that perfectly match our customer’s needs – and often exceed their expectations!

Some of the equipment and systems we provide include:

Service is an integral part of our systems. Before, during, and after system installations, we work closely with you, the customer, to make sure everyone involved is completely satisfied.

Some of our services include:

  • Designing wash water treatment systems so discharge is always in compliance
  • Coordinating with local environmental officials on behalf of clients
  • Performing installation, inspections and maintenance on all systems
  • Analyzing existing processes and recommending streamlined process improvements
  • Training personnel on operation and maintenance procedures to reduce equipment failures and outages.
  • Trouble-shooting and servicing equipment
  • Incorporating multiple control systems to insure maximum efficiency

Our customers include the US military, many privately owned businesses, and many Fortune 500 companies.

Our Safety Statement

At Wash Bay Solutions International, we believe that safety in the workplace and protection of our environment is a shared responsibility. All of us must fully cooperate in order that we all have a working environment that is both safe and healthy.

As a worldwide supplier of wash bay systems, we are totally committed to providing the best quality equipment and services services, both safely and securely. We strive to ensure the safety of our employees, provide protection for customers, and conduct all work in an environmentally sound manner.

Customer Testimonial

“Because of your separators and service, I was able to help one of my customers in a pinch and I have been able to grow my business from 3 employees to 26!”

Gabe, Portland, OR

“Tom – I must say that it has been a pleasure working with you. Other companies that I called during my research starting way back in Covid days were very delayed in responding to me. Of the ones that did return my voice messages, when I asked questions, the replies were not grounded and left me feeling very uneasy or they seemed very quick answered and not as knowledgeable. I was truly getting discouraged. Then, my search found JDI, Inc. and you. I only wish I had stumbled across you and JDI early on for we would then be so much further along.”

Best regards,

Kingston, NY

“You guys stood behind your work, your product, your service. I am just seriously beside myself on knowing that companies like yourself do exist. Amazing, amazing effort on making it right and making us as a company superbly happy. You guys really outdid yourself.”
Steve W.
Alexandria, VA

“Thanks again for all of your help and patience on this project.

Your system is Very Impressive!

Yours truly,
Rocky H.”

Robustly designed for heavy industrial applications such as mining and oilfield services, WB-M-100/100 Monitor Washing System is great for cleaning large mining trucks, steel tracked vehicles or any vehicle where mud, clay, coal or dirt present a cleaning challenge. Using recycled water, our revolutionary heavy-duty M-Series Monitor systems only use 100 gpm @ 100 psi, […]

Get the power of a fire hose with a fraction of the water usage! Our demucking systems only use 20 gpm which is about 1/10 of the amount of water used in the traditional water monitors or water cannons.

April 18, 2024FeaturedYour Industry

Mining equipment washing applications are challenging for several reasons. Aside from the fact that they are very large, mining trucks are difficult to clean. So, for generations, people just used fire hoses to clean the trucks. This meant pumping hundreds of gallons of water per minute to knock off as much dirt and rocks as […]

Do you need an economical way to continuously monitor how much oil is in your water to ensure acceptable discharge levels? Our Oil Content Analyzer with electro-optical sensing can detect even trace amounts of oil in water flowing through a pipe – and send an alarm if the amount exceeds a certain level. Applications include: […]

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As a means to help preserve capital and deal with today’s uncertainties, we have partnered with a national financing company that has been helping companies get the equipment they need to run their businesses for over 30 years. They offer very competitive 24-72 month financing options with a simple application process. Equipment, installation and shipping […]

Mirachem is a water based cleaner/degreaser that has been formulated using Mirachem’s proprietary emulsifying technology coupled with non-hazardous cleaning ingredients. This unique combination provides a cleaner/degreaser that can safely remove oil, grease, carbon and other organic deposits from all types of surfaces while meeting federal, state and local air pollution and wastewater regulations. Mirachem is […]

As an integral part of our closed loop wastewater treatment systems, our ozone generators eliminate odors and contaminates from the water and reduce operating costs by lowering freshwater usage and eliminating expensive chemical disinfectants and deodorants. Depending on the application, our turnkey ozone generators house both an ozone generation cell and an oxygen concentrator or […]

Custom Control Systems For over 30 years, we have provided custom engineered systems for a variety of industrial and commercial applications all over the world. All of these systems require some type of control system that has to be custom-engineered to meet our client’s specifications, maximize efficiency and reduce onsite monitoring. Some of our integrated […]

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Why Do I Need an ORS System? Recycling and filtering wash water reduces your fresh water usage as well as eliminates EPA and local impact fees, reduces sanitary sewer costs, and water restrictions. Ozone replaces costly and dangerous chemical disinfectants to eliminate odors and other contaminants in the water. How Does the ORS System Work? […]

For clients who have to leak test vehicles to ensure that there has been no water intrusion after manufacturing or modifications, we have developed a complete leak testing system. Custom engineered to fit your facility and testing protocols, our water intrusion / leak testing systems consist of containment pads, test arches, a water supply system […]

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At WashBaySolutions.com, we have been specializing in high tech, custom-engineered solutions to complex washing and wastewater issues since 1991.
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