Transportable Equipment Rooms

June 17, 2021by Admin

Transportable Equipment Room

These complete Transportable Equipment Rooms (TER) are ideal for housing washing and reclaim equipment at sites without incurring any construction costs, delays, or permanent structures. Used on military bases, construction sites, and at any facility requiring transportability, these cost effective systems can be configured for a wide range of applications and up and running in a few days.

Delivered to your site, this enclosed transportable equipment room sits adjacent to the wash pad and contains complete water recycling, high-volume demucking, and high-pressure washing systems.


  • 20 or 40’ enclosure constructed of steel, aluminum, or stainless
  • Power panel, receptacles and lighting
  • Automated fans/louvers or insulated with full HVAC system
  • All equipment, installed, pre-plumbed and wired
  • Secondary containment for all fluids


  • Insulation Package – Walls, ceiling, floor and doors insulated with rigid wallboard behind plywood, thru-bolted and sealed
  • Full Heating Package – Thermostat-controlled heating system for freeze protection, and   circulation fans
  • Specialized plumbing and piping
  • Outside painting to match existing facility colors

Equipment that can installed in TER:

  • Complete closed-loop water recycling system
  • Sewer Discharge pretreatment systems
  • Oil Water separators
  • Water management tanks with waste oil and solids storage
  • PLC-controller with remote monitoring and SCADA capability
  • Hot or cold water pressure washer
  • Demucking system
  • Non-chemical water disinfecting ozone generator

Transporting an equipment room on a flat bed truck.
Transporting an equipment room on a flat bed truck.



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