October 22, 2019

You can save money on your taxes when you purchase equipment by taking advantage of Section 179 of the IRS tax code.  Section 179 allows business taxpayers to deduct the cost of certain property as an expense when the property is placed in service.  It does not have to be depreciated out over several years. The Section 179 deduction applies to tangible personal property such as machinery and equipment purchased or leased for use in a trade or business, and if the taxpayer elects, qualified real property.

For tax years beginning after 2017, the TCJA increased the maximum Section 179 expense deduction from $500,000 to $1 million. The phase-out limit increased from $2 million to $2.5 million. These amounts are indexed for inflation for tax years beginning after 2018.  For more information, see

October 16, 2019

Issue: An equipment rental company was expanding and they moved into a new facility
without a wash pad. There was plenty of indoor space but no outdoor space to put in a
new wash pad. The property owner did not want them to cut concrete or substantially
alter the property but our client still needed be able to wash their equipment onsite,
contain the water and discharge it properly to the sewer.

Solution: For a complete wash system, we recommended installing a SPT-10 Clarifier
Oil Water Separator System
, an industrial-grade electric heated water pressure washer
with two portable hose reels, and a portable wash containment pad.
The portable wash pad allows them to wash as much as possible without any major
modifications to the property. They will also be able to move the entire system to a new
facility, if needed. The wash pad was equipped with pedestrian grating along both sides
so that the service personnel can work safely on a dry surface!

October 8, 2019

We have developed a revolutionary heavy-duty wash and treatment system by integrating our demucking system with our clarifier oil water separator system.

Using low flow pumps, moderate pressure and specialized nozzles, our robustly- designed demucker systems can quickly clean large trucks, tracked vehicles or any heavy equipment caked with mud, clay, ice, or muck – using only 20 gpm of water.

After washing, we can then process this water through our stainless steel clarifier oil water separator to reduce your environmental liabilities. Even though full of solids, oils and grease, our separator will effectively treat this wash water for re-use or discharge. 

Fast and effective cleaning with low water treatment costs – definitely a win-win situation!


  • High-Efficiency Diaphragm or Multi Stage Pump, 20 GPM @ 1000 PSI
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • NEMA 4X Integrated Control Panel
  • Multi-directional Stream-to-Cone Gun & Industrial grade hose reel
  • Poly water storage tank
  • Stainless steel clarifier separator designed to remove 99% of oil droplets
  • Inclined plates to remove solids
  • Sludge hopper to capture and contain settleable solids
  • Electric or Air diaphragm transfer pump
  • Internal oil storage tank

Optional Features Available:

  • UL Listings
  • Remote Motor Controls
  • Heating Systems
  • Automated Wash Monitors
  • Portable Wash Containment Pad
  • Odor Control Systems
  • Polishing Packs

Reduce your environmental liabilities and get the power of a wash monitor with a fraction of the water usage!


Pumping System


Max Flow Rate & Pressure          

20 GPM @ 1000 PSI

Uses Fresh or Recycled Water


Motor, HP


Pump Type

Electric Diaphragm




50-75’ L @ ¾” D


Handheld Stream-to-Cone

Water Storage

500 Gallon Poly Tank

Industrial Grade Hose Reel

Manual, Spring Rewind, Portable


120/208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ

Approximate Dimensions (with tank)

8’ L x 4’ W x 7’ H



Clarifier Oil Water Separator


Max Flow Rate

20 GPM

Internal Tank Capacity

650 Gallons

Sludge Capacity

27 Gallons

Coalescing Media

6 Cubic Feet

Pump Type

Air or Electric Diaphragm


Air or Electric Manual/Remote/PLC


8-14 cfm at 40 psi/120/208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ

Approximate Dimensions

8’ L x 3’ 6” W x 6’ H


October 7, 2019

Truck entering wash bay containment pads
Truck entering wash bay containment pads

Robustly designed for range of industrial applications from mining and oilfield services to light vehicle and boat washes, our portable wash bay containment pads can provide an economical alternative to a concrete wash pad.


  • Designed to be surface-mounted on concrete wash area – No excavation required
  • Built to any size and configuration
  • Fiberglass composite system consisting of a 1/4” steel plate core completely encapsulated in fiberglass
  • Drain port for connection to plumbing to treatment systems
  • Shipped in multiple panels and easily installed
  • Drain port for fluid removal or connection to plumbing
  • Easily maintained
  • Projected useful life of 15-20 years
  • Placed directly on top of existing surface
  • Simply re-located and re-used


  • Raised grating
  • Splash Walls
  • Canopy Covers
  • Entrance / exit ramps

Wash Bay Containment Truck Pads
Each Portable Wash Bay Containment Pad’s construction consists of steel plate encapsulated in a fiberglass lamination. This combination of fiberglass and steel provides exceptional strength and unsurpassed durability. A gel coat surface resin for flame retardance and U.V. protection is included and adds to the Containment pad’s superior performance. This combination ensures superior corrosion resistance, product longevity and structural strength.


Minimal site preparation, no excavation, fast, clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, superior chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many our Wash Bay Containment Pad advantages.

Our “Low Profile” Wash Bay Containment pads will accommodate a range of vehicles from high clearance large tanker trucks and mining equipment to low clearance trailers and forklifts.

The tri-linear side walls are formed from an angular, composite, steel-cored, heavy duty shape that prevents damage when driven over by heavy vehicles.

Give us a call for more product information – 800-453-8639

October 7, 2019

Mirachem is a water based cleaner/degreaser that has been formulated using Mirachem’s proprietary emulsifying technology coupled with non-hazardous cleaning ingredients. This unique combination provides a cleaner/degreaser that can safely remove oil, grease, carbon and other organic deposits from all types of surfaces while meeting federal, state and local air pollution and wastewater regulations.

Mirachem is a highly concentrated, environmentally safe cleaner engineered to lift oil, grease and road film from surfaces to be rinsed away with water. This sudsing formula is designed to increase dwell time and prevent re-depositing. It can be used on most surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, paint and automotive wax finishes.

Safety Attributes

  • Contains no acids, phosphates, alkalines, chlorides, ethylene glycol ethers or other hazardous ingredients
  • pH balanced
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-caustic and non-corrosive

Industry Cleaning Applications

  • Military and Civilian Aircraft
  • Ground Transportation Equipment
  • Trucks and Heavy Equipment
  • Bus Washing
  • Locomotive Washing
  • Boats, marine engines, bilges, decks
  • Automobiles, light trucks, automotive engines, parts, brakes
  • Tanker and tank washing

Mirachem 500 Cleaner / Degreaser

Mirachem 500 is a water-based cleaner/degreaser that has been formulated to safely remove oil, grease, carbon and other organic deposits from all types of surfaces while meeting federal, state and local air pollution and waste water regulations. Mirachem 500 Cleaner / Degreaser is an excellent alternative to hazardous solvents and chemicals.

Mirachem 500 Approvals/Certifications

  • Boeing D6-17487 Revision J   – For exterior and general cleaners.
    Boeing D6-17487 Revision K   For exterior and general cleaners
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification
  • ASTM G122 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cleaning Agents.
  • NSF-8A – NSF Approved for Category A-8 Degreaser
  • Meets stringent environmental regulations for air quality, such as VOC content and VOHAPS, and wastewater systems, including Total Toxic Organics (TTO). 

Mirachem® Pressure Wash

Mirachem® Pressure Wash is a highly concentrated, yet environmentally safe cleaners engineered to lift oil & grease, road film, and other environmental soils from surfaces to be rinsed away with water. This sudsing formula is designed to increase dwell time and prevent re-deposition on surfaces to be cleaned. Mirachem Pressure Wash can be used on most every surface and is safe for both interior and exterior uses.

Mirachem Cleaner Degreasers

Product Uses Dilution Ratios Size Part Number Price, USD
Mirachem 500 Most surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, chrome, fiberglass, paint and wax finishes. 20:1 Light Pressure washing

10:1 Heavy Duty Pressure Washing

4:1 to Full Strength Hand Wipe, Brush & Bucket

55 gallon drum M-500-D $1,170.00
275 gallon tote M-500-T $5,150.00
Mirachem Pressure Wash Most surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, chrome, fiberglass, paint and wax finishes. 19:1 Light Pressure washing

4:1 Heavy Duty Pressure Washing

55 gallon drum M-PW-D $670.00
275 gallon tote 80357 $2,550.00

October 1, 2019

Above Ground Clarifier Oil Water Separator Flow Process

  1. The oil/water/sludge mixture enters the oil water separator
  2. The heavier sludge and particulates fall out of the fluid and are captured in the sludge hopper
  3. The oil and water mixture with lighter particulates travels up the inclined plates
  4. The inclined plates start to separate the mixture. Some oil rises to the top of the separator and the remainder of the particulates slide back down to the sludge hopper.
  5. The remaining oil and water mixture then moves through the coalescing media packs where the majority of the smaller oil particles attach to the media and combine together to form larger oil particles.
  6. These larger oil particles become so buoyant that they release from the media and travel to the top of the separator.
  7. As the oil volume in the separator reaches a certain level, the oil is drained to through piping to an oil storage tank.
  8. The clean water continues over the weir to the clean water chamber where it goes through a final polishing pack and out to the sewer. offers a full line of oil and water separators that conform to the guidelines of API 421 for the removal of all free and dispersed non-emulsified oil and solids that settle from the waste stream. Get a Quote Today!

Oil Water Separator – Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a list of question and answers below related to our oil water separator products.

August 20, 2019


Our MM Series Wash Water Treatment Systems are heavy-duty, multi-media filtration systems, engineered and manufactured for the drilling, mining, trucking and transportation industries. Treated wash water from the water treatment system will be clean enough to be re-used or discharged into the sanitary sewer.

The MM system consists of a multi-media filter, and/or carbon polishing filter and a large solids screen filter.  After passing through solids settling, the water is processed through the MM system and filtered so that the water contains no particles greater than 40 microns in size.    Processed water passing through the system will be free of substantially all emulsified oils, waxes and other volatile organic compounds with only limited soaps and detergents remaining in the treated water. 


Multi-Media Sewer Discharge Water Treatment

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Efficiency Pumps
  • Solids Filtration
  • Multi-Stage / Multi-Pass Filtration
  • Pressurized Blended Carbon Polishing Filter
  • Auto-Backwashing Filters
  • Control Panel with PLC controller


  • Oil water separators
  • Ozonation systems
  • UL/CSA Listing
  • Transportable equipment rooms
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Chemical/Acid/Salinity Resistant Pumps & Components
  • ORP / pH control system

At Wash Bay Solutions, our emphasis is on quality.

These systems are exceptionally well-engineered and designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial operations. Simple to operate and maintain, they will run for years in the harshest environments.
























Multi-Media Deep Bed Filter


Carbon Deep Bed Filter


PLC, Automatic, Manual or Off


3 X 6

3 x 8


208 / 240 V 1 ph   or  208 / 240 / 480 V 3 ph


August 20, 2019

Wash Water Treatment System For Commercial Trucking Industry
Many companies choose to haul this water away, but a more efficient way of removing this cost is by recycling and reusing the water.

With more and more investment going into equipment, projecting a clean, Green, and professional image is a priority for many companies. Whether it is a tanker, dozer or oilfield tools, regular washing and water recycling is an integral part of presenting that professional image, reducing maintenance costs, and preventing damage to their equipment and the

Robustly designed and manufactured for the heavy industrial applications, our heavy-duty, multi-stage, closed loop treatment systems clean up the water for re-use.  By simplifying the water and solids handling, many clients are able to both increase production and reduce costs.


  • Commercial Trucking
  • Locomotive
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Forklift
  • Oil and Gas Drilling

The first stage of this filtration process is the solids handling system. We develop site-specific solutions for our clients to eliminate as many solids as possible before running the water through to the next stage of filtration.

Truck Wash Water Treatment System
Our Commercial Truck Wash Systems are heavy-duty, multi-stage reclaim and discharge systems, engineered and manufactured for the trucking and transportation industries.

In order to separate any oils from the water, the water is processed through a stainless steal oil-water separator, which separates out smaller suspended solids, oil and water. Any settle-able solids and dispersed non-emulsified oils are removed at this step in filtration.

After the oil-water separator, the water is pumped though several filtration steps including multi-media, blended activated carbon, and corona discharged ozone to reduce any contaminants to
fewer than 10 microns in size, including emulsified oils, waxes, and other volatile organic


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Efficiency Pumps
  • Corona Discharge Ozonation System
  • Solids Handling & Separation
  • TSS & FOG Reduction
  • Multi-Stage / Multi-Pass Filtration
  • Pressurized Blended Carbon Polishing Filter
  • Auto-Backwashing Filters
  • NEMA 4X Control Panel with PLC controller

Depending on the location, many options are available to maximize the efficiency of the wastewater treatment system including:


  • Can be configured with existing equipment
  • SCADA and remote monitoring UL/CSA Listing
  • Transportable equipment rooms
  • Rain Diverter Systems
  • Rain Water Harvesting Systems
  • Chemical/Acid/Salinity Resistant Pumps & Components
  • pH control system
MODEL CT-10/10 CT-30/20 CT-60/50 CT-100 CT-200*
FLOW RATE, GPM 1-10 1-30 10-60 30-100 60-200
COALESCING PLATE AREA, SF 41 124 211 400 600
APPROX. CLARIFIER SEPARATOR SIZE, FT (WxLxH) 3 x 7 x 5 3.5 x 8 x 6 4 x 10 x 6 5 x 11 x 7 7 x 13 x 9
OZONE SYSTEM Up to 32 grams of ozone per hour
RECLAIM CONTROL SYSTEM PLC, Automatic, Manual or Off
3 X 6 3 x 8
POWER REQUIREMENTS 208 / 240 V 1 ph   or  208 / 240 / 480 V 3 ph


June 4, 2019

Problem: An engineer consulting with a railroad called with an application at a locomotive repair facility. Over time, lube oil and diesel fuel leaked from the locomotives into an inspection pit. Periodically, the oil along with sand and dirt collected in the pit was discharged into a retention pond. The oil was then skimmed from the surface of the pond and the water discharged to the sewer.

The roe skimmer wasn’t quite doing a good job so he asked us for suggestions on how to better treat the water before discharging to the sewer.

Solution: We recommended installing a SPT-20 Clarifier Oil Water Separator System with our standard air-driven pump and control system to treat the water. The clarifier section of the SPT-20 would remove all of the settleable solids while the coalescing media would remove all of the oil from the waste stream.

The SPT-20 did an excellent job of cleaning up the water during the week. The only issue reported was that their sump overflowed with water every weekend so their staff was met with too much water on the pad every Monday morning.

Our maintenance manager trouble-shot the entire system with their staff through Facetime, phone calls, and emails. A local electrician also tried to find the source of the problem since there were other issues at the facility. They tried multiple modifications but the problem persisted.

Finally, we engineered and assembled a hybrid control system just for their particular location and sent it out to them. The control system worked and the system is now fully operational and the client is very pleased.

North Carolina


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