August 31, 2023

Power Washing Heavy Mining Trucks

Robustly designed for heavy industrial applications such as mining and oilfield services, WB-M-
100/100 Monitor Washing System is great for cleaning large trucks, steel tracked vehicles or any
vehicle where mud, clay, grass or muck present a cleaning challenge.


  • 100 GPM @ 100 PSI Flowrate
  • NEMA 4X Control Panel with VFD Drive
  • 15 HP Industrial Grade Centrifugal Pump & Motor
  • Steel Monitors with Manual Tiller Control
  • 360° horizontal rotation and 135° vertical rotation
  • Custom steel beam trolleys for monitors
  • Minimal Service Attention

Using recycled water, our revolutionary heavy-duty M-Series Monitor
systems only use 100 gpm, approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount of water used in the traditional
water cannons to easily and quickly clean large equipment.

Heavy Industrial Water Cannon Video

Additional Water Cannon Design Photos

Track for Water Cannon Washing System

Secure Mount for Water Cannon

Water Cannon Power Wash System

January 24, 2023

As a means to help preserve capital and deal with today’s uncertainties, we have partnered with a national leasing company to help you get the equipment you need to continue running your business. For a limited time, they are offering deferred payments for 90 days.

Hopefully, things will be settled down by then!

They offer 24-72 month leases with a simple application process. If you are interested, let us know and we work together to see what your monthly payments would look like.

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August 22, 2022

Robustly designed for range of industrial applications from mining and oilfield services to light vehicle and boat washes, our fiberglass sump systems provide an economical alternative to a concrete sumps.  The fiberglass in-ground pit system provides double wall construction of fiberglass on the interior and concrete poured around the exterior of the pit.


  • Less expensive and easier to install than concrete vaults.
  • Helps capture solids – lengthening the life span of motor and pumps
  • Heavy-duty Fiberglass construction
  • Water pipes and electrical conduits easily installed on any side of the fiberglass pit.
  • Reduces bacteria growth and odor issues
  • Simple to maintain
  • Tapered shape makes it easier to install







July 15, 2022

Wash pad with drive over grating installed
Wash pad with drive over grating installed

Robustly designed for range of industrial applications from mining and oilfield services to light vehicle and boat washes, our portable wash bay containment pads can provide an economical alternative to a concrete wash pad.

  • Designed to be surface-mounted on concrete wash area – No excavation required
  • Built to any size and configuration
  • Fiberglass composite system consisting of a 1/4” steel plate core completely encapsulated in fiberglass
  • Drain port for connection to plumbing to treatment systems
  • Shipped in multiple panels and easily installed
  • Drain port for fluid removal or connection to plumbing
  • Easily maintained
  • Projected useful life of 15-20 years
  • Placed directly on top of existing surface
  • Simply re-located and re-used
Wash Pad with Splash Wall Feature Installed


  • Raised grating
  • Splash Walls
  • Canopy Covers
  • Entrance / exit ramps

Each Portable Wash Bay Containment Pad’s construction consists of steel plate encapsulated in a fiberglass lamination. This combination of fiberglass and steel provides exceptional strength and unsurpassed durability. A gel coat surface resin for flame retardance and U.V. protection is included and adds to the Containment pad’s superior performance. This combination ensures superior corrosion resistance, product longevity and structural strength.

Wash Bay Containment Truck Pads


Minimal site preparation, no excavation, fast, clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, superior chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many our Wash Bay Containment Pad advantages.

Our “Low Profile” Wash Bay Containment pads will accommodate a range of vehicles from high clearance large tanker trucks and mining equipment to low clearance trailers and forklifts.

The tri-linear side walls are formed from an angular, composite, steel-cored, heavy duty shape that prevents damage when driven over by heavy vehicles.

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June 3, 2022

FABRICATION: The clarifier/separator is a special purpose prefabricated inclined plate and parallel corrugated plate, rectangular, gravity displacement, type unit. The clarifier/separator shall be comprised of a tank containing an inlet compartment, sludge chamber, a separation compartment, and clean water outlet chamber.

TANK:  The tank shall be a single wall construction of 11 gauge stainless steel conforming to ASTM A240, type 304 stainless steel. Welding will be in accordance with AWS D1.1 to provide a watertight tank that will not warp or deform under load.

PIPE CONNECTIONS: All pipe connections 3” and smaller are FNPT couplings. All connections 4“ and larger are flat face flanges with ANSI 150 pound standard bolt circle.

LIFTING LUGS:  The tank shall be provided with properly sized lifting lugs for handling and installation.

COVERS:  The tank will be provided with vapor tight covers for vapor control. Gas vents and suitable access openings to each compartment will be provided. The covers shall be constructed of marine grade aluminum and will be fastened in place. A gasket shall be provided for vapor tightness. 3/8-16 bolts and threaded knobs will be provided for cover attachment.

INLET COMPARTMENT & INCLINED PLATES:  The inlet chamber shall be comprised of a non-clog diffuser to distribute the flow across the width of the chamber. The inlet compartment shall be of sufficient volume to effectively reduce influent suspended solids, dissipate energy and begin separation. The inclined plates will sit elevated on top of a sludge chamber. As the water moves upwards the suspended particles have their upwards velocity interrupted by the inclined plates. These particles drop down and slide down the inclined plate and join larger previously settled particles in sludge hopper. The sludge compartment will be provided to retain settleable solids.

SEPARATION CHAMBER:  The oil separation chamber shall contain HD Q-PAC Coalescing Media containing a minimum of 132 square feet per cubic foot of effective coalescing surface area. The medias needle like elements (plates) shall be at 90 degrees to the horizontal or longitudinal axis of the separator. Spacing between these elements shall be spaced 3/16” apart for the removal of a minimum of 99.9% of free droplets 20 micron in size or greater. The elements are positioned to create an angle of repose of 90 degrees to facilitate the removal of solids that may tend to build up on the coalescing surfaces, which would increase velocities to the point of discharging an unacceptable effluent.

Laminar flow with a Reynolds Number of less than 500 at a maximum designed flow rate shall be maintained throughout the separator packed bed including entrance and exit so as to prevent re-entrainment of oils with water. Flow through the polypropylene coalescing media shall be crossflow perpendicular to the vertical media elements such that all 132 square feet/cubic foot of coalescing media is available for contact with the coalescing surfaces.

None of the coalescing media surfaces shall be pointing upward so as not to be available for contact with the cross-flowing oily water. The media shall have a minimum of 87% void volume to facilitate sludge and dirt particles as they fall off the vertical elements and settle in the sludge compartment. The media when installed in crossflow OWS shall meet US EPA Method 413.2 and also European Standard 858-1.

BAFFLES:  The tank shall be provided with an oil retention & underflow weir, and overflow weir. The underflow weir will be positioned to prevent re-suspension of settled solids.

SLUDGE CHAMBER:  The sludge chamber shall be located prior to the coalescing compartment for the settling of any solids. It shall also prevent any solids from entering the clean water chamber.

OIL SKIMMER:  The clarifier compartment and the oil separation compartment will be provided with rotatable pipe skimmers for gravity decanting of the separated oil to a product storage tank.

CLEAN WATER CHAMBER:  The tank will be provided with a clean water chamber which allows the water to leave the separator by pumped flow through the clean water outlet port.

VENTS: 2″ vents will be provided for vent piping to atmosphere.

PUMP TRANSFER SYSTEM:  The system is provided with either an electric powered or air-powered diaphragm transfer pump. Electric motor can be 110V/240V/480V. Pump is installed near the SPT system. A screen should be placed on the pump intake to reduce the amount of solids entering the system.

PUMP CONTROL PANEL:  The control panel for the pump will be housed in a NEMA-4X enclosure. The controls may include a Main Disconnect Switch, an Emergency Stop switch, a Manual/off/auto pump switch, 24-volt control relay, Circuit Breaker, motor contactor and overload, and Green run, red fault panel lights.  It may be UL certified, if needed.

OPTIONAL POLISHING PACK:  A final water polishing pack with a stainless steel flow dissipator plate and oil absorbent bags may be provided with the system if local municipalities have sewer effluent requirements.

OPTIONAL OZONE SYSTEM:  The system may be provided with an ozone generator to reduce odors.

SPT Specifications Size Chart

  SPT-10 SPT-20 SPT-30 SPT-50 SPT-75 SPT-100
Flow Rate 1-10 GPM 1-20 GPM 1-30 GPM 1-50 GPM 1-75 GPM 1-100 GPM
Tank Capacity 300 Gal 652 Gal 645 Gal 968 Gal 1419 Gal 1931 Gal
Sludge Volume 27 Gal 27 Gal 45 Gal 85 Gal 85 Gal 85 Gal
Ozone Generation Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Product Tank 40 Gal 40 Gal 40 Gal 75 Gal 75 Gal 75 Gal
Polishing Pack Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Approx. dimensions, FT 3’W x 8’L x 5’H 4’W x 8.5’L x 6’H 4’W x 9’L x 6’H 4’W x 9.75’L x 6’H 4.5’W x 10’L x 7’H 5.3’W x 10.5’L x 7.3’H
Construction Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

May 13, 2022

Our new solids settling below ground separator is ideal for any application with high concentration of solids and oil in water.

Most old conventional separators require long retention times, resulting in needlessly large units. They also have little in the way of solids settling. Our new innovative new design has both a much smaller footprint and a much higher removal efficiency for both oil and solids which lowers your total cost of ownership.

How it works:

To enhance separation, these separators contain an inlet diffuser, grit chamber/inlet compartment, down tube, coalescing/separation chamber, oil storage area, effluent compartment, and sheen filter.

Series WB-ES Solids Settling, Below Ground Oil Water Separators

  • In the Grit Chamber, the inlet diffusor initially distributes the incoming water flow evenly over the cross-sectional area of the separator. The free oil (150 micron size or larger) is separated and the settleable solids are captured at the bottom.
  • The suspended solids and dispersed oil then flow upward through the down tube in the Grit Chamber, and over to another diffusor in the Coalescing Chamber.
  • The flow continues through the Coalescing Chamber where the coalescing plates will separate the oil droplets 30 micron size and larger up to the surface, and the remaining suspended solids will be captured beneath the coalescing plates.
  • Finally, a removable Sheen Filter inside the up tube in the Effluent Compartment will remove carryover, smaller droplets of oil, and mechanical emulsions.

Performance Standards

  • Utilizes patented, revolutionary, non- plugging coalescing plates which remove free oil droplets as small as 30 microns
  • Performance guarantee based on influent characteristics
  • Will achieve discharge of 5 ppm or less in accordance with CEN EN 858-1
  • Warranted for (1) year on material and workmanship and (10) years against external corrosion


Below Ground Oil Water Separator Models

Model # Average Flow Rate (GPM) Capacity


Inlet/Outlet (Inches) Dimensions, D x L (Feet)
WB-QB-35-ES 35 350 4 3.5 X 6
WB-QB-55-ES 55 550 4 4 X 6
WB-QB-100-ES 100 1000 6 4 X 10.75
WB-QB-200-ES 200 2000 6 5.3 X 12
WB-QB-300-ES 300 2500 6 5.3 X 15
WB-QB-400-ES 400 3000 8 5.3 X 18
WB-QB-500-ES 500 3800 8 6 x 17.5
WB-QB-600-ES 600 4000 10 6 x 18.75
WB-QB-700-ES 700 7000 10 8 X 18.67
WB-QB-800-ES 800 7000 10 8 X 18.67
WB-QB-900-ES 900 7000 12 8 X 18.67
WB-QB-1000-ES 1000 7500 12 8 X 20
WB-QB-2000-ES 1200 8500 12 8 X 22.5
WB-QB-1500-ES 1500 12000 16 10 X 20.75
WB-QB-2000-ES 2000 14000 18 10 X 24
WB-QB-2500-ES 2500 17000 18 10.5 X 26.5
WB-QB-3000-ES 3000 19000 20 10.5 X 29

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May 6, 2022

Our single wall or double wall below ground parallel, corrugated plate oil/water separators meet and exceed API 421 requirements, removing essentially 100% of dispersed non-emulsified oil droplets in the waste stream.

These separators are special purpose prefabricated parallel corrugated plate, cylindrical, gravity displacement oil water separators, containing an inlet compartment, sludge chamber, separation chamber, oil storage area and clean water compartment.

As shown below, the separation process if fairly simple. Wastewater flows into the inlet compartment. A baffle interrupts the flow and allows solids to drop out. Next the oil water moves into the separation chamber where our innovative media causes small oil droplets entrained in the water to coalesce into larger ones which then separate from the water and float to the surface. The clean water then travels into the clean water compartment through the outlet to the sewer.


  • Patented, revolutionary, non- plugging coalescing plates which remove free oil droplets as small as 20 microns
  • Single wall or double wall construction with interstitial space for leak detection
  • Rectangular access manhole with 3’ extension to service and maintain coalescing media
  • Fittings for vent, oil pump out, sludge pump out, gauging and lifting lugs
  • Exterior sandblasted and coated
  • Will achieve discharge of 5 ppm or less in accordance with CEN EN 858-1
  • Warranted for (5) years on material and workmanship and (30) years against external and internal corrosion
  • Construction in accordance with UL58 and corrosion protection in accordance with UL1746
Below Ground Oil Water Separator Design
Featuring one of our oil water separator designs to be placed under ground.


  • Internal coating for corrosion protection
  • Grit chamber for high solids applications
  • Hold down straps
  • Leak and Level detection systems


  • Parking Lots
  • Re-fueling Facilities
  • Marinas
  • Military Installations
  • Truck and Equipment Washes

How does it work?


With these separators, we can provide analysis, which indicates that the separator will be provided with the required square feet of projected plate separation area to achieve the specified performance under laminar flow (i.e. Reynolds Number of less than 500) conditions. This service can include calculations signed by a registered professional engineer.

Underground Oil Water Separator Specifications
Model # Average Flow Rate (GPM) Capacity (GALLONS) Dimensions, D x L (FT)
WB-QB-342 35 350 3.5 x 6
WB-QB-548 55 550 4 x 6
WB-QB-1048 100 1000 4 x 10.75
WB-QB-2064 200 2000 5.3 x 12
WB-QB-3064 300 3000 5.3 x 18
WB-QB-4064 400 4000 5.3 x 24
Larger sizes available.

Underground Oil Water Separator Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions


February 16, 2022


Designed to remove extensive contamination, our heavy-duty, multi-stage, discharge treatment systems treat wash water so it can be safely discharged to the sewer or, in many cases, the surroundings.

Stage 1 – Solids Settling 

Almost all commercial washing operations produce some solids so the first stage of our filtration process is the solids handling system. We help you develop site-specific solutions to eliminate as many solids as possible before running the water through to the next stage of filtration. Solutions include custom-designed sumps, basins, trenches or screening systems.

Stage 2 – Oils & Solids Separation 

After the coarse solids settling, the water is processed through either a multi-compartment stainless steel oil water separator or a stainless steel clarifier oil-water separator, which separates out smaller suspended solids, oil and water. In the first compartment of the clarifier oil water separator, free oils float to the surface.  In the second section, the stainless steel clarifying plates remove coarse amounts of oil from the waste stream and remove as much Total Suspended Solids (TSS) as possible.  The angles of the non-clogging plates are 55° which will allow any solids to slide down the plates into the solids hopper, where they can easily be pumped out.   Finally, the coalescing media removes essentially 100% of all free and dispersed non-emulsified oils so the FOG effluent concentration can be as low as 5 ppm.

Stage 3 – Water Filtration & Polishing

After the clarifier oil-water separator, the water is pumped though a multi-media (sand, gravel, anthracite) filter and then safely discharged to the sewer or surroundings. Processed water passing through the system will be free of substantially all emulsified oils, waxes and other volatile organic compounds with only limited soaps and detergents remaining in the treated water. If needed, a blended activated carbon or a carbon/clay mixture tailored to a particular waste stream can be added as an optional polishing filter.

System Features

  • Non-Ferrous Construction – Stainless Steel, PVC
  • Fully-Automatic, pre-wired
  • Clarifier Separator System
    • Stainless Steel Clarifier Oil/Water Separator with 55° Hopper
    • Advanced European coalescing media designed to remove oil droplets greater than 20 microns
    • Electric or Air Diaphragm pump with controller
  • Discharge Filtration System
    • Automated Self-Cleaning Multi-Media and/or Clay/Carbon Fiberglass Filter Tank
    • Heavy-duty, high efficiency Pump
    • Sensors and interconnecting Schedule 80 plumbing
    • NEMA-4X  control panel
    • PLC controller for automatic back wash operations
    • All components mounted on heavy-duty stainless steel skid

Depending on the location, many options are available to maximize the efficiency of the wastewater treatment system including:

Optional Features

  • Can be configured with existing equipment
  • SCADA and remote monitoring UL/CSA Listing
  • Transportable equipment rooms
  • Rain Diverter Systems
  • Chemical/Acid/Salinity Resistant Pumps & Components
  • pH control system























3 x 7 x 5

3.5 x 8 x 6

4 x 10 x 6

5 x 11 x 7



























PLC, Automatic, Manual or Off


3 x 6 x 6.5

3 x 8 x 8


208 / 240 V 1 ph   or  208 / 240 / 480 V 3 ph






January 21, 2022

This video shows our MM-20/850 Mighty Monitor Demucker System in operation in northern Canada. Trucks come in caked with grit, frozen mud and snow.


Using the hand-held wand, the operators can easily vary the flow from stream to cone to safely and effectively wash all parts of the vehicle.

Since the MM-20/850 produces a powerful 20 gpm @ 850 psi stream, this type of cleaning is much quicker than using a standard pressure washer.

Highly recommended for the cleaning of heavy construction or mining equipment and trucks, our revolutionary demucking systems clean with the power of a fire hose but use a fraction of the water.

Our demuckers will quickly remove heavy accumulations of dirt, clay, ice, and mud from all sorts of equipment – saving both time and water.  Depending on your application, we have smaller units with flowrates from 8 to 20 gpm and pressures from 300 to 2000 psi. All of them are much quicker than a standard pressure washer!

All types of demucking can be done by easily switching from a long-range stream to a close-up cone stray with a click of the wand.

This video shows our MM-20/1000 Mighty Monitor Demucker System operating in northern Canada. Trucks come in from the field caked with grit, frozen mud and snow and leave a short time later, clean and ready for service.


Demucking System MM-20/850 MM-20/300 MM-8/1000 MM-10/2000
Max Flow Rate & Pressure 20 GPM @ 850 PSI 20 GPM @ 300 PSI 8 GPM @ 850 PSI 10 GPM @ 2000 PSI
Uses Fresh or Recycled Water Both Both Both Both
Motor, HP 15 7.5


7.5 15
Pump Type Industrial, heavy-duty positive displacement Industrial, heavy-duty positive displacement


Industrial, heavy-duty positive displacement Industrial, heavy-duty belt driven positive displacement
Controls Manual/Remote/PLC Manual/Remote/PLC


Manual/Remote/PLC Manual/Remote/PLC
Gun/Wand/Hose Handheld Stream-to-Cone Wand, 50’ L @ ¾” D hose Handheld Stream-to-Cone Wand, 50’ L @ ¾” D hose


Handheld Stream-to-Cone Wand, 50’ L @ 1/2” D hose Handheld Stream-to-Cone Wand, 50’ L @ ¾” D hose


Feed Tank Optional Optional Optional Integrated 100 gallon poly tank w/ low water shut-down
Electric 208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ 208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ 208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ 208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ
Approximate Dimensions 5’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H 5’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H 5’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H 2’ L x 2’ W x 4’ H

MM-20/1000 Mighty Monitor Demucker System

  • 20 GPM @ 850 psi, demucking station
  • High efficiency diaphragm pump
  • 15 hp TEFC motor
  • NEMA 4X control panel
  • Pressure gauge
  • 50’ x 3/4” High Pressure Hose
  • Long range adjustable stream to cone, wand/gun assembly
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Utilities required Power: 480V/3 PH/60 Hz 25 amp; 230V/3 PH/60 Hz 50 amp
  • Approximate dimensions: 18” W x 60” L x 24”H

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