Below Ground Oil Water Separator

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Below Ground Oil Water Separator Design
Featuring one of our oil water separator designs to be placed under ground.

Our single wall or double wall below ground parallel corrugated plate oil/water separators meet and exceed API 421 requirements, removing essentially all free and dispersed non-emulsified oil droplets in the waste


  • Parking Lots
  • Re-fueling Facilities
  • Marinas
  • Military Installations

Performance Standards

Below Ground Oil Water Separator Design and Installation.
Installing a below ground oil water separator.
  • Utilizes patented, revolutionary, non- plugging coalescing plates which
    remove free oil droplets as small as 20 microns
  • Will not need to use secondary polishing packs
  • Will achieve discharge of 5 ppm or less in accordance with CEN EN 858-1
  • Performance guarantee based on influent characteristics
  • Warranted for (5) years on material and workmanship and (30) years
    against external and internal corrosion

How does it work?

Construction Standards

  • Construction in accordance with UL58
  • Corrosion protection in accordance with UL1746, FRP, STi P3 or urethane
  • Single wall or double wall construction with interstitial space for leak detection
  • Meets NFPA 30 local requirements

With these separators, we can provide analysis, which indicates that the
separator will be provided with the required square feet of projected plate
separation area to achieve the specified performance under laminar flow
(i.e. Reynolds Number of less than 500) conditions. This service includes
calculations signed by a registered professional engineer.

Model # Average Flowrate (GPM) Approximate Capacity (Gallons) Dimensions Diameter x Length (FT)
WB-QB-342 10-30 350 3.5 x 6
WB-QB-548 30-50 500 4 x 6
WB-QB-1048 50-100 1000 4 x 11
WB-QB-2064 100-200 1500 5 x 12
WB-QB-2564 200-300 2000 5 x 21
WB-QB-2572 300-400 2500 6 x 12
WB-QB-3272 400-500 3200 6 x 15
WB-QB-4072 500-800 4000 6 x 19

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