Wash Water Consulting

WashBaySolutions provides experienced, engineering-based consulting for a wide
range of washing, wash water treatment and recycling applications.  Through our
consulting services, we have helped numerous companies find more efficient and cost-
methods of washing and recycling while eliminating EPA and local regulatory
compliance concerns and fines for discharging water.

As part of our services, our professional engineers perform comprehensive on-site reviews of existing procedures, equipment and regulations. After the reviews, we identify specific areas of concern and recommend engineering-based solutions that are customized for each situation, insuring complete customer satisfaction.

Our Focus:

  • Industrial and Commercial washing, waste water treatment and recycling
  • Total project management, from consultation to turn-key facility construction
  • Quality, proven equipment properly selected to match each site's specific circumstances

Our Expertise:

  • Extensive engineering background and experience
  • Management and staff have served our customers since 1963
  • State-of-the-art design department

Our dedication and expertise has won the approval of many well-respected Fortune 500
companies, small companies, government facilities and municipalities. If you need help, give us a call at 800.453.8639.

January 30, 2024News

As a means to help preserve capital and deal with today’s uncertainties, we have partnered with a national financing company that has been helping companies get the equipment they need to run their businesses for over 30 years. They offer very competitive 24-72 month financing options with a simple application process. Equipment, installation and shipping […]

Mirachem is a water based cleaner/degreaser that has been formulated using Mirachem’s proprietary emulsifying technology coupled with non-hazardous cleaning ingredients. This unique combination provides a cleaner/degreaser that can safely remove oil, grease, carbon and other organic deposits from all types of surfaces while meeting federal, state and local air pollution and wastewater regulations. Mirachem is […]

As an integral part of our closed loop wastewater treatment systems, our ozone generators eliminate odors and contaminates from the water and reduce operating costs by lowering freshwater usage and eliminating expensive chemical disinfectants and deodorants. Depending on the application, our turnkey ozone generators house both an ozone generation cell and an oxygen concentrator or […]

Custom Control Systems For over 30 years, we have provided custom engineered systems for a variety of industrial and commercial applications all over the world. All of these systems require some type of control system that has to be custom-engineered to meet our client’s specifications, maximize efficiency and reduce onsite monitoring. Some of our integrated […]

January 29, 2024Ozone Wash Disinfection

Why Do I Need an ORS System? Recycling and filtering wash water reduces your fresh water usage as well as eliminates EPA and local impact fees, reduces sanitary sewer costs, and water restrictions. Ozone replaces costly and dangerous chemical disinfectants to eliminate odors and other contaminants in the water. How Does the ORS System Work? […]

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