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November 16, 2020

For over 30 years, we have custom-engineered and built cleaning and pumping systems based on our customer’s individual specifications and site-specific needs.

By integrating a range of pumps, tanks, and control systems, custom systems can be built to meet specific design and output requirements for virtually any low, medium or high pressure cleaning or pumping application.

If you think you have a unique application, let us design a unique system for you.  Here are some of the interesting projects we have already tackled:

  • Electrically heated aircraft de-icing systems for use on regional jets
  • Air-driven and electric-driven pumping packages for high pressure injection and drill bit cooling in underground mining applications
  • Integrated, variable volume pumping packages for use with water soluble cutting oil on CNC machines
  • High volume, high pressure pumping packages for use on egg carton extrusion presses
  • High pressure, low volume pumping packages utilizing hot and cold de-ionized water for automated printed circuit board cleaning systems
  • High pressure systems for cleaning with heavy water in nuclear reactors
  • High pressure, high volume pumping packages for de-watering in sewage treatment plants
  • Automated pumping packages utilized in precooked shell fish cleaning systems
  • Electrically heated systems for high pressure cleaning with peanut and vegetable oils in food grade applications
Custom Engineered Cleaning & Pumping Systems
Custom Engineered Cleaning & Pumping Systems
Custom Engineered Cleaning & Pumping Systems
Custom Engineered Cleaning & Pumping Systems

May 27, 2020

Gas Fired Pressure Washing System
Gas Fired Pressure Washing System

Our natural gas or propane-fired pressure washers are exceptionally well-engineered systems. Designed and manufactured for heavy-duty commercial and industrial washing operations, they will operate for years in the harshest environments.

Each machine offers our unique “variable flow” feature, which allows the operator to vary the flow rate and corresponding pressure at the wand when needed—providing flexibility when cleaning various surfaces.

Unlike other gas-fired washers that require maintenance every couple months, our washers are known for their long-lived, low maintenance heating systems and robust construction.


  • CSA approved for use with a Class B exhaust vent
  • Belt-driven with a multi-gun pressure regulating valve and an oil bath plunger pump with thermo-probe protection.
  • Trigger gun activated, flow switch controlled auto start/stop system with solid state time delay shutdown
  • Centralized systems for multiuser applications
  • Modulating gas thermostat control with steady temperature up to 200°F
  • 395,000 BTUH input rated heater with adjustable temperature controller and factory-set safety relief valve
  • Large capacity 3/4 in. schedule 80 heating coil with stainless steel wrap and 10 in. draft diverter
  • Dual or single lance/gun(s) with 50 ft. x 3/8 in. high
  • Low-pressure (downstream) or high-pressure (upstream) chemical injection
Pressure Washing Gas Fired System
Pressure Washing Gas Fired System

Factory Added Options

  • SRA – Surge Relief Assembly (for installation on water supply line when backflow preventer or check valve present)
  • ARS – Automatic re-light system for pilot light
  • LWPP – Low inlet water pressure protection with illuminated reset button
  • ETM – Hour Meter
  • CLS – Cleaning station assembly with ½’ ball valve and hose quick connect
  • CS-1 – Chemical injection station with adjustable chemical injector wash/rinse control valve and swivel connection
  • 2G40 – Additional G40 heater with extended frame for a total BTUH input of 790,000.


Gas-fired Pressure Washing Systems

Flow Pressure Motor Full Load Current (Amps) Size-Inches
MODEL GPM PSI H.P. 230V/1PH 208V/3PH 460V/3PH 575V W”xL”xH”
WB4011-G 4 1100 3 17 9.8 4.4 3.5 45/38/52
WB4019-G 4 1900 5 22 14.6 6.6 5.3 45/38/52
WB4029-G 4 2900 7.5 33 22.5 10.2 8.2 45/38/52
WB5430-G 5.4 3000 10 29 13.1 10.5 45/38/52
WB5620-G 5.6 2000 7.5 33 22.5 10.2 8.2 45/38/52
WB6012-G 6 1200 5 22 14.6 6.6 5.3 45/38/52
WB6020-G 6 2000 7.5 33 22.5 10.2 8.2 45/38/52
WB8012-G* 8 1200 7.5 33 22.5 10.2 8.2 45/38/52
WB8019-G* 8 1900 10 29 13.1 10.5 45/38/52
WB8029-G* 8 2900 15 40 18.1 14.5 45/38/52
WB1030-G* 10 3000 20 55.2 24 20 45/38/52

*Comes with two hoses and wands.

May 27, 2020


We specialize in high pressure pumping and washing systems for use in commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Our commitment to design excellence and quality workmanship, supported by qualified and responsive personnel, ensures superior performance in your high pressure cleaning or pumping application.


  • CSA approved
  • Fully automatic
  • Unique, reliable design
  • Belt driven ceramic plunger pump on most units
  • Auto start / stop circuit controlled by trigger gun activation
  • Automatic high temperature shut down (thermo probe) for optimum pump protection
  • Ideal for centralized systems with multi-station outlets
  • 50 ft. steel braid pressure hose, trigger gun, variable pressure wand and stainless steel nozzle
  • Powder coat painted base and pump cover

Cold Water Stationary Pressure Washing Systems


Model Flow GPM Pressure PSI Motor H.P. Size L”/W”/H”
WB210CS 2.1 1000 1.5 24/12/14
WB315CS 3 1500 3 24/12/14
WB411CS 4 1100 3 30/20/16
WB419CS 4 1900 5 30/20/16
WB429CS 4 2900 7.5 30/20/16
WB440CS 4 4000 10 30/20/16
WB530CS 5.4 3000 10 30/20/16
WB520CS 5.6 2000 7.5 30/20/16
WB612CS 6 1200 5 30/20/16
WB620CS 6 2000 7.5 30/20/16
WB812CS** 8 1200 7.5 30/20/16
WB820CS** 8 2000 10 30/20/16
WB830CS** 8 3000 15 38/28/19

**8 GPM or larger models have 2 sets of hoses and wands 

Options Available

  • SRA Surge Relief Assembly (must be installed on the domestic water supply when the supply line has a back flow preventer, pressure reducing or check valve present).
  • SA Nitrogen Charged Pump Pulsation Surge Arrestor.
  • USC Upstream Chemical Injection
  • WB Wall Mounting Bracket
  • LWPP Low Inlet Water Pressure Protection
  • ETM Analog Hour Meter


February 6, 2020

We have developed a revolutionary heavy-duty wash and treatment system by integrating our demucking system with our clarifier oil water separator system.

Using low flow pumps, moderate pressure and specialized nozzles, our robustly- designed demucker systems can quickly clean large trucks, tracked vehicles or any heavy equipment caked with mud, clay, ice, or muck – using only 20 gpm of water.

After washing, we can then process this water through our stainless steel clarifier oil water separator to reduce your environmental liabilities. Even though full of solids, oils and grease, our separator will effectively treat this wash water for re-use or discharge. 

Fast and effective cleaning with low water treatment costs – definitely a win-win situation!


  • High-Efficiency Diaphragm or Multi Stage Pump, 20 GPM @ 1000 PSI
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • NEMA 4X Integrated Control Panel
  • Multi-directional Stream-to-Cone Gun & Industrial grade hose reel
  • Poly water storage tank
  • Stainless steel clarifier separator designed to remove 99% of oil droplets
  • Inclined plates to remove solids
  • Sludge hopper to capture and contain settleable solids
  • Electric or Air diaphragm transfer pump
  • Internal oil storage tank

Optional Features Available:

  • UL Listings
  • Remote Motor Controls
  • Heating Systems
  • Automated Wash Monitors
  • Portable Wash Containment Pad
  • Odor Control Systems
  • Polishing Packs

Reduce your environmental liabilities and get the power of a wash monitor with a fraction of the water usage!


Pumping System


Max Flow Rate & Pressure          

20 GPM @ 1000 PSI

Uses Fresh or Recycled Water


Motor, HP


Pump Type

Electric Diaphragm




50-75’ L @ ¾” D


Handheld Stream-to-Cone

Water Storage

500 Gallon Poly Tank

Industrial Grade Hose Reel

Manual, Spring Rewind, Portable


120/208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ

Approximate Dimensions (with tank)

8’ L x 4’ W x 7’ H



Clarifier Oil Water Separator


Max Flow Rate

20 GPM

Internal Tank Capacity

650 Gallons

Sludge Capacity

27 Gallons

Coalescing Media

6 Cubic Feet

Pump Type

Air or Electric Diaphragm


Air or Electric Manual/Remote/PLC


8-14 cfm at 40 psi/120/208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ

Approximate Dimensions

8’ L x 3’ 6” W x 6’ H


March 15, 2018

This video shows our MM-20/1000 Mighty Monitor Demucker System in operation in northern Canada. Trucks come in caked with grit, frozen mud and snow.

Using the hand-held wand, the operators can easily vary the flow from stream to cone to safely and effectively wash all parts of the vehicle.

Since the MM-20/1000 produces a powerful 20 gpm @ 1000 psi stream, this type of cleaning is much quicker than using a standard pressure washer.

MM-20/1000 Mighty Monitor Demucker System

  • 20 GPM @ 1000 psi, demucking station
  • High efficiency diaphragm pump
  • 15 hp TEFC motor
  • NEMA 4X control panel
  • Pressure gauge
  • 50’ x 3/4” High Pressure Hose
  • Long range adjustable stream to cone, wand/gun assembly
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Utilities required Power: 480V/3 PH/60 Hz 25 amp; 230V/3 PH/60 Hz 50 amp
  • Approximate dimensions: 18” W x 60” L x 24”H

Call for more information at 800-453-8639.

August 28, 2017

VFD Controlled Pumping System
VFD Controlled Pumping System

The new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food is now final under the FNA Docket Number: FDA-2013-N-0013.

The goal of this rule is to protect foods by keeping them safe from contamination during transportation.

The rule establishes requirements for shippers, loaders, carriers by motor or rail vehicle, and receivers in the United States involved in transporting human and animal food to use sanitary practices to ensure the safety of that food.

It also applies to shippers in other countries who ship food to the United States directly by motor, rail, ship or air, and arrange for the transfer of the intact container onto a motor or rail vehicle for transportation within the U.S., if that food will be consumed or distributed in the United States.

For more information, please see:
FSMA Final Rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food

Washing package for Sanitary Transportation

At Wash Bay Solutions, we have designed a pumping package for grocery and food shippers and distribution centers to comply with the new FSMA. We combined a high-pressure VFD-controlled pumping system with a high efficiency heating system to produce a sanitary washing package that will ensure compliance with the new rule.

The VFD system offers substantial operational flexibility since the system will only utilize the power (speed of motor and pump) to match the output demands. For example: A 20 gpm system, set up for 5 users at 4 gpm each. If there is only one user on the system outputting 5 gpm, the motor/pump will only turn at 1/5” speed to meet that demand.

Sanitary Washing Packages
Sanitary Washing Packages

Our sanitary washing packages come complete with hose, guns and reels and can be custom-engineered to meet your requirements for flow rates, pressures and water temperatures. To learn more about our high pressure clean system products, please click here:

VFD Controlled Multi-gun High Pressure Cleaning Systems

Give us a call at 800-453-8639 for more information!

July 6, 2017

Locomotive train washing bay systems
Locomotive train washing bay systems

Our arch locomotive wash systems are very robust with high efficiency pumping systems, stainless steel control panels, galvanized arch piping, and stainless steel nozzles.

It can be designed with multiple arch systems for wetting, washing, and rinsing. For our three-arch system, the train passes through an initial wetting arch with a dilute soap mixture at a very slow speed. The train then moves through the wash arch, which sprays wash water with soap around the full circumference of the locomotive as it passes. At the exit end, the locomotive passes through the rinse arch, which sprays rinse water around the full circumference of the locomotive.

Nozzles in the arches are sized to provide more intense cleaning on the undercarriage and front while minimizing intense water intrusion on more sensitive areas of the locomotive. Depending on the application, total wetting, wash and rinse duration can run between 2-10 minutes.

Locomotive High Efficiency Pumping System
Locomotive High Efficiency Pumping System

These locomotive wash systems can be designed for manual or automatic operation. For a manual system, an onsite operator turns on and off the pump stations for the arches as the locomotive passes.

For an automated system, industrial infrared photocell systems are installed at the entry and exit of the wash building or arches to monitor train movement. The automated control system initiates the wetting, wash and rinse processes and automatically cycles the pumps as needed.

Depending on the application, the locomotive wash equipment provided may include:

  • Skid-mounted high-efficiency pump stations with heavy-duty wash and rinse pumps
  • Water supply tanks with level switches for pump safety and fill control
  • Industrial photocell system for start/stop
  • Traffic light for engineer to view
  • Master control system to manage pumps, chemical metering pumps, photocells, and lights
  • 360-degree arch systems with frames
  • Stainless steel manifolds and stainless steel nozzles
  • Soap metering system to manage soap concentration in wash system
  • pH control systems to manage pH fluctuations due to acids and cleaners
Locomotive Washing Systems
Locomotive Washing Systems

Additional controllers are available that would enable the wash process to start only for those locomotives that desired to be washed, while permitting other trains to traverse the building without starting the wash cycle.

Following the washing, the wash water can be treated for discharge to the sewer or reclaimed for re-use.

February 19, 2016

Low Flow Demucking System
Using only 60 gpm of reclaimed water, our Mighty Monitors will effectively remove heavy accumulations of dirt and mud – saving thousands of gallons of water per cleaning.

Get the power of a fire hose with a fraction of the water usage!

Robustly designed for heavy industrial applications such as mining and oilfield services, our MM Series Mighty Monitors are great for cleaning large haul trucks, steel tracked vehicles or any heavy equipment caked with mud, clay, ice, grass or muck.

For drilling and construction equipment applications, our 20 gpm Mighty Monitor system cleans quickly and effectively, in half the time of a typical pressure washer.

Our new 60 gpm nozzle and trolley assembly
Our new 60 gpm nozzle and trolley assembly

For mining applications, we have developed a revolutionary heavy-duty Mighty Monitor system to replace the standard high volume water cannons that have been used for decades. Our systems combine increased pressure and specialized nozzles to ensure a quality wash. Using only 60 gpm of reclaimed water, our Mighty Monitors will effectively remove heavy accumulations of dirt and mud – saving thousands of gallons of water per cleaning.

Fast and effective cleaning while saving time, water and water treatment costs – a win-win-win situation!

Mighty Monitor System Features:

  • 20-60 GPM Capacities
  • Uses only a fraction of water used in traditional water monitors or water cannons
  • Emergency Stop System
  • NEMA 4X Control Panel
  • High-Efficiency Diaphragm or Multi Stage Pumps
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Handheld Stream-to-Cone Gun & Wand
  • Trolley-mounted Multi-directional Stream-to-Cone Gun & Wand
  • Can use fresh or recycled water
  • Reduces the amount of water to be treated

Mighty Monitor System Options:

  • UL Listings
  • Remote Motor Controls
  • Optional Heating Systems
  • Optional VFD Systems
  • Optional Automated Wash Monitors
  • Industrial Grade Hose Reels and Stands




MM-20/1000 MM-30/60/1000
FLOW RATE, GPM 20 30 & 60
PRESSURE, MAX, PSI 1000 1000
MOTOR, HP 15 2 @ 30
ELECTRIC 208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ 208/480/575 V 3 PH 50/60 HZ
APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS 18” W x 60” L x 24” H 36” W x 60” L x 24” H

Give us a call for more product information – 800-453-8639

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