April 9, 2018

MM Series Water Filtration System
MM Series Water Filtration System

The MM-Series Water Treatment System is a complete self-contained, extremely efficient filtration system consisting of a fully automated multi-media filter and carbon polishing filter.

Processed water is initially filtered to contain no particles greater than 40 microns in size. It is then filtered further so that it is free of substantially all emulsified oils, waxes and other volatile organic compounds. Limited soaps and detergents may remain in the treated water. Processed water shall be acceptable to discharge to the sewer.   The carbon or carbon clay mixture can be tailored to meet specific local effluent requirements and adjusted based on the testing results.

The filters are programmed to automatically backwash back to the wash bay using domestic water. It is designed to be simple to operate but very effective in its ability to meet today’s environmental requirements.


  •  Automated Self-Cleaning Multi-Media Deep Bed Filter
  •  Carbon polishing filter
  •  Tailored media to meet compliance standards
  •  High Efficiency Self-priming Filter Pump
  •  Automatic or Manual Control System
  •  PLC controller for back wash operations and valve actuation
  •   Stainless Steel frame
  •   Skid-mounted for easy portability
  •  All controls, and level switches
  •  Low operating and maintenance costs


  • Pre-filtration for heavy solids removal
  • Ozone system for odor control
  • PLC control with remote monitoring capability
  • Oil content monitor and alarm
  • pH control system
  • U.L. Listing
  • Can be installed in portable equipment room or trailer


MODEL: MM-5 MM-10 MM-35 MM-65 MM-100
FLOW RATE 5 gpm 10 gpm 35 gpm 65 gpm 100 gpm
FILTER PUMP 3/4 hp 1 hp 2 hp 3 hp 5 hp
 INLET 2” 2” 2” 2” 2”
 OUTLET 1” 1” 2” 2” 2”
WEIGHT  (lbs.) 450 500 600 700 800
 CONTROL SYSTEM Automatic or Manual Control
 FILTRATION Multi-Media Deep Bed Filter
 WATER POLISHING Carbon Deep Bed Filter
UTILITIES 3 phase 240/480/575 V 60 Hz or single phase 230V

March 8, 2018

New CF-CP Media (Cross-Flow/Corrugated Plate) Oil Water Separator Media
Image of our New CF-CP Media (Cross-Flow/Corrugated Plate)
Oil Water Separator Media

In many washing applications, solids are a main component of the washing process. Heavy solids such as rocks and muck are often washed off and fall onto the wash pad where they can be easily removed. Other, finer settleable and suspended solids, however, often become entrained in the oily wash wastewater. Separating these settleable or suspended solids from the oily wash water is critical so that they do not clog the separator media and interfere with the oil water separation process.

To insure our oil water separators work well in a high solids environment without clogging, we have introduced a new coalescing media with a corrugated, cross-flow design.

This new media design is both unique and simple. As the water enters the separator, the flow is directed evenly across the surface of the media plates. The solids are captured and fall to the trough area of the corrugated plates below and the oils rise and stick to the trough area of the plates above. This design maintains laminar flow throughout the media so the oil and solids do not remix. Since the plates are smooth, the solids slide down the corrugated plates to the hopper area where they can be easily removed. Separated oil flows upwards along the plates to the top of the separator where it can be removed.

  • Available in stainless steel, PVC, HPVC and polypropylene
  • Plate spacing of ½”, ¾” or 1 ¼” depending on application
  • Supplied in blocks for easy installation and removal

By coupling high efficiency separation with easy maintenance, this new media will ensure your oil water separator
operates at peak performance for years to come.

Give us a call at 800-453- 8639 for more information!

CF-CP Media (Cross-Flow/Corrugated Plate) Oil Water Separator Media
Introduced a new coalescing media with a corrugated, cross-flow design.
CF-CP Media (Cross-Flow/Corrugated Plate) Oil Water Separator Media
Site View of our new coalescing media with a corrugated, cross-flow design.

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