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June 9, 2017

Case Study – Rental Equipment
portable equipment room

Problem: An equipment rental company specializing in heavy-duty construction equipment needed to build a wash bay for their haul trucks, dozers and construction vehicles. They had limited inside space in a leased building so they needed a to put all of the equipment inside a portable equipment room that they could pick up and move if needed. Due to their location in a remote area with no sewer connection, they needed a closed loop wash water treatment system.

The company called and asked us to build a heavy-duty, self-contained washing system and help them design the wash pad and solids settling area.

Solution: We had worked with this client for years so we were well aware of the washing and solids handling complications associated with heavy construction equipment. With input from the client, our engineers designed a wash pad design and solids settling system that fit into a rather tight footprint.

All of the wash equipment including a closed loop wash water reclaim system, an electric pressure washing system, and a demucking system was installed in a 40’ Transportable Equipment Room (TER-40) and located adjacent to the wash pad. This saved building costs, preserved valuable warehouse space and will allow them to move the entire system to a different facility if needed.

wash pad design

transportable equipment room

September 16, 2016

Used Truck Wash Water Reclaim System

100 GPM Closed Loop Wash Water Reclaim System
The VR-100TW heavy-duty closed loop recycling system is a self-contained multi-media filtration system, capable of feeding 50-100 gpm to the demucking systems and pressure washers.

This equipment has been re-furbished following less than a year’s use at an industrial washing facility. It is priced to sell or available for lease.


100 GPM Closed Loop Truck Wash Water Reclaim System

100 GPM Truck Wash Water Reclaim System – The VR-100TW heavy-duty recycling and reclaim system is a self-contained closed loop multi-media filtration system, capable of cleaning 50-100 gpm of wash wastewater so that it re-used by the truck wash.

It incorporates an extremely efficient filtration process utilizing fully automated solids filtration and proprietary blended activated carbon polishing filtration. The system is designed to be completely closed-loop with no external discharge to the sewer or surroundings.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Efficiency Pumps
  • Corona Discharge Ozonation System
  • TSS & FOG Reduction
  • Multi-Stage / Multi-Pass Filtration
  • Pressurized Blended Carbon Polishing Filter
  • Auto-Backwashing Filters
  • NEMA 4X Control Panel with PLC controller
  • (2) 850 gallon poly water management UV protected tanks with float switches
  • All pumping and control equipment installed on heavy-duty skid, to minimize installation time

Optional Features Available:

  • SCADA and remote monitoring
  • Transportable equipment rooms
  • Rain Diverter Systems
  • Rain Water Harvesting Systems
  • ORP / pH control systems

At Wash Bay Solutions, our emphasis is on quality. These systems are exceptionally well-engineered and designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial operations. Simple to operate and maintain, they will run for years in the harshest environments.

Call us at 800-453-8639 for pricing information.

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