A Focus on Oil & Gas Drilling Operations

January 18, 2012by Admin

Oil Water Separation Solutions for the oil and gas industry.
Oil Water Separation Solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Recent media coverage has increased focus on oil and gas drilling operations and ways to prevent contamination from harming groundwater, wetlands and waterways. Wash Bay Solutions provides the Best Available Technology (BAT) for oil water separation systems and equipment cleaning systems. Wash Bay Solutions helps the oil and gas drilling industry establish positive environmental stewardship by recycling, reusing and reducing wastewater.

“Solids & Oil Water Separation System”

Waste Bay Solutions has developed the Solids & Oil Water Separation System (SOWS) using horizontal gravity flow treatment. This Green system removes oil and solids from produced and flow-back oil-contaminated water using a five-stage process of separation:

Stage 1: Remove free oil particles larger than 150 microns
Stage 1: Intercept and collect settleable solids
Stage 3: Capture suspended solids and dispersed oil
Stage 4: Collect remaining suspended solids and remove free oil droplets 30 microns or larger
Stage 5: Trap any trace oils before water is discharged

The SOWS System has many key features including no moving parts, low maintenance and solid heavy-duty construction. Reusing water from oil-contaminated wastewater is an environmentally-conscious practice to protect waterways and protected wild life reserves. It also saves money.

“Responsible Corporate Citizen”

Whenever there is an oil spill or groundwater intrusion, the oil and gas drilling industry receives negative press. Communities are more willing to support oil and gas drilling operations when they know that these companies minimize their negative impact on the environment. Washbaysolutions.com helps businesses become responsible corporate citizens.


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