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August 15, 2001

Location: Southeast USA

PROBLEM: This nationwide construction equipment rental company wanted to partner with a full-service vehicle wash equipment company that was capable of designing, installing, and maintaining hand washing and water recycling equipment. They had worked with several other water recycling equipment manufacturers without success in an effort to develop the proper equipment and washing methodology for their sites.

OPERATING REQUIREMENTS: Some locations required closed-loop water recycling systems, while others has access to municipal sanitary sewer systems. All locations required 10-gpm flow rates with odor elimination; minimal system maintenance; fully automated filtration operation; large volume oil removal capability, heavy solids handling capacity, high-volume hot water pressure washing and 30-gpm demucking equipment.

SOLUTION: Our engineers worked with the client’s architects to develop a comprehensive design for the wash facility, to include a roofed wash pad, solids collection trench, equipment room, tank containment area, and total equipment package. The equipment includes a Model VR-10 ReCyke Recycling System, 10-gpm hot water pressure washer and 30-gpm demucking system with diaphragm pumps for recycled water use, aboveground water storage tanks, clarifier/separator, and transfer pumps. Some sites utilized the Model VSD-10 ReCyke system for water treatment prior to sewer discharging. The ReCyke systems all incorporated automated deep-bed multi-media and carbon filters.

DATE INSTALLED: Multiple systems installed since 2001

RESULTS: The client is extremely pleased with the equipment and the overall relationship. They continue to build wash facilities at their sites with our assistance and equipment.

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE REQUIRED:Averages 5 man-hours/month


North Carolina


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