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April 11, 2011

Rain Diverter System (RDS)
Our Rain Diverter System (RDS) is a programmable controller with manual/automatic switch capability.

Many wash facilities do not have a roof over the wash pads so when it rains, rain water automatically flows through the pre-treatment system into the city sewers. It is illegal throughout the US, however, to allow rainwater to enter the sewer system.

Our RDS is a programmable controller with manual/automatic switch capability. When it senses rain, it turns on the pumps for a field-settable time to remove the floating oils and water from the wash pad through our pre-treatment system. After the water with the floating oils are removed, the RDS then shuts down the pre-treatment system to prevent rainwater from entering the sewer system. After the rain event, the RDS will reset to allow normal operation of the pre-treatment system.


Interval Time – The time set by the client on the time delay relay located inside the RDS Control Panel. The is the length of time the air pump will run after detecting rain. It is factory set for 15 minutes, but can be readily changed to suit field conditions.

Equipment in the rain.
The Rain Diverter senses the rain and pumps the oil and water from the wash pad to a water pretreatment system.

Rain Sensitivity – The adjustment on the rain sensor that determines the amount of rainfall needed to trigger the sensor. It is factory set at ¼” of rainfall.

Vent Ring Adjustment – The adjustable ring at the base of the rain sensor that determines the duration of time after rain stops before the rain sensor resets. This is factory set for the most rapid reset time possible.

Reset Time – The time required for the Rain Sensor to reset. This can vary, depending upon ambient humidity, sunlight, etc. It can take from 1-2 hours up to 24 hours.

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