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April 19, 2017

C 130 Wash Bay System
C 130 Wash Bay System

What we have been working on…C-130 Aircraft Washing

A major engineering firm contacted us to help them develop a complete wash bay system for C-130 aircraft. To accommodate both the military’s washing specifications and maximize the washing process, we helped design a very effective aircraft washing system with a combination of foaming, washing and rinsing equipment.

When the foaming process is desired, the operator moves a portable foamer to the desired location near the aircraft. After selecting either hot or cold water for the foamer from the remote switch at the reel, the operator can spray thick foam up to a height of approximately 40 feet to reach the highest point on the aircraft.

For washing and rinsing the aircraft, the operator will use either the pressure washer or water cannon on either side of the aircraft and select either hot or cold water. They can be used separately or at the same time, and use either hot or cold water independently of the other.

All of the hose reel systems include remote control capabilities, and the system can be programmed to permit a combination of foaming, washing or rinsing to occur at any one time.

All of the wastewater from the foaming, washing and rinsing operations will be treated by a closed loop wash water reclaim system. The reclaim system will filter and disinfect the water, and store the clean, recycled water so that it is available for use for all washing, rinsing, and foaming applications as desired.

The recycling system includes a fresh water bypass manifold system that enables the operator to manually switch the entire system over to fresh water if necessary or desired. It also automatically replenishes itself to maintain a minimum volume of water to make up for any losses to the system from evaporation or carry-off.

A stainless steel evaporator is included in the system design to serve two functions: elimination of excess water accumulation in the overall system and to periodically dispose of water in the system to allow for fresh water addition to maintain optimum water quality. Both of these functions are programmed to automatically occur, and can be adjusted to meet the preferences of the system operator.

April 22, 2014

VFD Controlled Multi-gun high pressure cleaning systems
A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system is one of the most cost effective units to run and to maintain and they are extremely easy to use.

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system is one of the most cost effective units to run and to maintain and they are extremely easy to use. The VFD display makes is simple to trouble shoot. The VFD display shows various input signals which can be used to visually display and indicate system faults. The VFD system offers substantial operational and maintenance savings. A variable frequency drive extends the life of the motor, pump, and pump components. A VFD significantly reduces maintenance or service related issues. The system will only utilize the power (speed of motor and pump) to match the output demands. For example: A 20 gpm system, set up for 4 users at 5 gpm each. If there is only one user on the system outputting 5 gpm, the motor/pump will only turn at 1/4” speed to meet that demand. The VFD system shows a savings in energy costs to run the system, it only uses what it needs. On system start-ups, a VFD controlled system slowly ramps up speed to the minimal required rpm to meet the initial demand. This eliminates the huge inductive amperage load a system with standard controls requires when starting. A VFD system does not require the use of motor contactors, overloads, and fusing.

VFD benefits

  • Energy savings
  • Smoother quieter operation, eliminate water hammer
  • Extend pump life
  • Extend system component life
  • Extend motor life
  • Reduce maintenance

Functional Design

  • Real-time system monitoring and control (wash station duty cycle/activity, low inlet water supply and system pressure loss shutdown, and high water temperature shutdown)
  • Compact and versatile design allows for installation in virtually any location/environment
  • Systems designed/built to application requirements – provides for increased productivity
  • VFD increases or decreases pump/motor speed to meet the demands of single and or multiple users

Standard Equipment

  • Belt-driven, industrial-duty plunger or piston pump with multi-gun pressure regulator, pilot-activated flow switch, factory-set pressure relief valve and liquid-filled pressure gauge
  • VFD controlled with performance display screen, Nema 4x housing, and a fused disconnect
  • Premium-efficiency, inverter-duty motor (IP55, Class B temp. rise, Class F insulation, 40° C ambient temp. design)
  • I/O/M (Installation/Operation/Maintenance) manual

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