polishing pack

February 21, 2020

Our Polishing Pack Oil Absorbent Bags keeps your systems running cleaner and reduces environmental concerns by removing oil-related contaminants from water in sumps, recycling systems, and oil-water separators.


  • Excellent filtering capabilities
  • Easy to handle and dispose of
  • Cost efficient
  • Custom shapes available to fit most separators

How do they work?

Water containing free oils enters the filter through the poly mesh cover. As the water flows around the multi-faceted oil-absorbing foam cells, the free oils are absorbed into the foam.

All water is repelled and continues to pass through the filter after the free oils are removed.

Typical Installation

Although they can be placed directly in the sump, the bags are typically installed with a flow dissipater plate in the clean water chamber of the oil water separator before the water is discharged to the sewer or surroundings.

They act as a polishing system by removing any floating oil sheens that may have passed through the separator. If the local sewer requirements are strict, the polishing system is highly recommended!

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