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September 15, 2016

Used Demucker System


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This equipment has been re-furbished following less than a year’s use at an industrial washing facility. It is priced to sell or available for lease.

DM-1000 Heavy Washing Demucking System

RE-FURBISHED – For Sale or Lease

DM-1000 Heavy Washing Demucking System
DM-1000 Heavy Washing Demucking System For Sale or Lease

DM-1000 Heavy Washing Demucking System has been designed and built for heavy industrial washing applications such as construction, mining and oilfield services.

Using fresh or recycled cold water, the DM Series demucker can quickly and effectively clean large trucks, dozers, steel tracked vehicles or any vehicle loaded with heavy mud, clay, or muck!

This demucking system uses only 20 gpm which is about 1/10 of the amount of water used in the traditional water monitors or water cannons.

Buy or Lease a demucking system
Buy or Lease a demucking system

Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Emergency Stop System
  • NEMA 4X Control Panel
  • High-Efficiency Diaphragm Pumps
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Long range adjustable stream to cone, wand/gun assembly
  • Installs with other washing and recycling systems
  • Minimal Service Attention
  • Utilities required Power: 480V 3 PH 30 Amp
  • Approximate dimensions: 5’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H

Additional Features Available:

  • SS Retractable Hose Reel
  • Remote Motor Control
  • Water Storage Tank

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Fast and effective cleaning while saving time and water – a win-win situation!

February 20, 2009

Location: Eastern Tennessee

PROBLEM: A rural large distributor of construction and mining equipment was cleaning their equipment on an uncovered wash pad. The combination of the equipment washing and rain water accumulation often caused the pad to overflow into a nearby canal, creating environmental concerns. The company was seeking a solution that would eliminate the overflow problem, completely recycle all their wash water, and require minimal new site construction. They also needed a system that would be easy to move since their corporate officials were looking at new facilities.

The customer needed two types of cleaning systems – high volume washdown for heavy solids removal and hot water pressure cleaning for grease and oil removal. The facility also needed a completely self-contained water recycling system since there was no sewer connection and rainwater detection and water level controls to eliminate the wash pad overflows.

SOLUTION: The site was an excellent candidate for the WWMI TWP System – a transportable equipment room containing all washing and recycling equipment needed to completely collect, store, treat, and redeliver the water for all cleaning requirements.

The 40-foot modular equipment room contained a 20 GPM, 300 psi Demucking System, a 4 GPM, 3000 psi electric hot water pressure washer, closed loop recycling system with 1500 gallons of processed water storage, and a Rain Detection System (RDS). The entire Transportable Wash Bay (TWB) System was shipped intact and pre-tested, enabling the client to rapidly put it into operation. The integrated RDS System provided for the capture of all contaminants in the water during a rain event, and allowed only clean storm water to divert to the adjacent canal.

DATE INSTALLED: February 2009

RESULTS: The client has utilized the system without any environmental or operation problems for over 1500 hours/year. They use the Demucking System 80-85% of the time to clean their equipment, minimizing the need for high pressure. The adjacent canal is now clear and pollution-free.

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