Depth Filtration Systems

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Depth Filtration Systems
Photo of an "oil recycling" depth filtration system.

Our Oil Recycling, Depth Filtration System is a high performance batch system, designed with the versatility to recycle virtually any type of Industrial oil and engineered for many years of dependable trouble free service.

Depth Filtration Features:

  • Restore Contaminated Oil
  • Maximize Savings
  • Minimize Disposal

Oil Contaminants can have serious problems associated with water and/or particulate contamination. Water contamination in oil produces an emulsion, which accelerates corrosion and causes metal deterioration. Particulate contamination can accelerate wear on vital parts, i.e. pumps, bearing, gears, valves, seals, etc. The presence of water and/or particulate contamination in oil will increase downtimes, labor costs and disposal costs.

Benefits of using a COMO Depth Filtration System

  • Gross Water and Particulate Removal by Heating and Settling
  • Wide Filter Element Selection to Achieve Desired Oil Cleanliness and Dryness to 40 PPM
  • Conserve Energy and Filter Element Usage by Batch Processing
  • Extend Oil Life and Performance
  • Reduce Oil Replacement Cost
  • Minimize Oil Disposal Cost


  • Air Strip Technology for Accelerated Oil Drying
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Process Control
  • Size and Designs Available to Meet a Wide Range of Applications
  • 50-3000 Gallon System Capacity


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