Heavy Commercial Automated Truck Wash Facility

December 15, 1999by Admin

Location: Central NJ

PROBLEM: The truck wash was operating two automated lanes with a permit to discharge a minimal amount of water to the city sanitary sewer. A water recycling system was needed to treat the water adequately for 90% water reuse and also to insure that the discharged water met the city’s sewer standards.

The recycling system provided by the truck wash manufacturer was unable to provide the quality of water required for both reuse and discharging. Water odor, excessive suspended solids, excessive ongoing system maintenance; and expensive constant bag filter replacements dictated the need for a better recycling system.

OPERATING REQUIREMENTS: 100-gpm flow rate with guaranteed odor removal; minimal system maintenance; automated filtration operation; solids removal of all particles above 50 microns in size; fully automated operation with remote monitoring capability.

SOLUTION: We installed a Model VR-100TW ReCyke System to work with an aboveground water tank management system. The VR-100TW system included a self-cleaning inclined-plate solids screen filter, automatic self-cleaning stainless steel filter, automated deep-bed multi-media and carbon filters, high-volume Ozonation system, PLC-based control system, and a remote monitoring system.

DATE INSTALLED: December 1999

RESULTS: The system has operated 24 hours/day since its installation. The facility has added a third wash bay and a truck washout bay, with all water processed through the same recycling system. The truck wash is recycling 90-95% of all water used.

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE REQUIRED: Averages 4 man-hours/month



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