Wash Bay Solutions Has Leasing Options Available, Providing Flexible Financing Programs

WashbaySolutions.com offers leasing programs

WashbaySolutions.com offers leasing programs

Leasing programs for equipment purchases offer many benefits including:

  • Lease payments are generally 100% tax deductible.
  • As an alternative source of funds, leasing preserves existing bank lines of credit.
  • Leasing conserves working capital by providing 100% financing.
  • Interest rates are fixed so that unattractive long-term floating rates can be avoided.
  • Because leasing is a fixed cost, budgeting and planning are simplified for the business owner.

We partner with Crest Capital to offer these flexible, Application-Only leasing programs:

  • Loan/$1 Out lease
  • 10% Purchase Option
  • FMV Purchase Option

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